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  • Nov
  • 18
  • 2019

Episode 215 – Stay in your Lane

Episode 215 – Stay in your Lane

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At (2:00) we open the show introducing our co-hosts as Farley sets the table.

At (4:20) Joanna tells us how she got from Syracuse to DC.

At (6:40) Farley thanks NB again for the trip to New York for the marathon.

At (8:20) we come back from the break to talk about the Lindsay Crouse opinion piece in the New York Times about Mary Cain.

At (10:35) Joanna and Julie sum up the article and gives background on Mary Cain.

At (14:40) we talk generally about womens health in running.

At (19:30) we discuss women examples that young girl athletes have – coaches and advisors.

At (29:15) Joanna tells us the Ketchup theory and how it relates to our discussion.

At (33:00) we talk about pro running and navigating that scene as a teenager.

At (37:45) we discuss positives that we can take from this story.

At (47:15) we come back and talk to Joanna about her transportation issues.

At (51:15) Joanna asks Farley about his confessionals on the show.

At (54:05) we talk to Julie about the NCAA D1 Cross Country regional races.

At (1:06:30) Joanna tells us about weather and her running

At (1:10:20) Joanna reminisces about old PTN episodes to close out the show.

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