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  • Jan
  • 8
  • 2020

Episode 217 – The ReRoar (Liz Briones)

Episode 217 – The ReRoar (Liz Briones)

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Happy 202!. We open up with a litany of excuses about where we were and why we could not podcast in December, spoiler Farley got sick and was patient zero at his house.

At (15:28) we are joined by Arlingtonian Liz Briones who is here to tell us her story and what she accomplished in 2019.

We start out at (17:12) talking about Farleys favorite subject ever, Arlington.

At (18:01) we talk about her running background and we make sure that her sister is listening.

At (24:30) we talk about Lizs battle with health issues and how that changed her relationship with running.

We are back at (43:52) to wrap up the interview and make our New Years resolutions.

At (48:18) Docs weighs in on a topic about a month late.

At (56:14) we touch on the trials and recognize a few local athletes that have qualified.

At (59:24) we honor SGT George Moskowitz of the Fairfax City Police Department and friend of Pacers, who passed away on New Years Eve after suffering a medical emergency while on duty.

At (1:01:33) we close out the show with a discussion about a Kelyn Soong Washington CityPaper article.

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