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  • Mar
  • 23
  • 2020

Episode 227 – Till the World Ends (Kelyn Soong)

Episode 227 – Till the World Ends (Kelyn Soong)

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We open up talking about being on lockdown and get some valuable advice from lockdown expert william e docs.

At (7:43) we are joined by Washington City Paper Sports Editor and friend of the podcast Kelyn Soong, who is on the show to talk about how the Washington City paper has pivoted with covid-19 outbreak.

We start off making sure Kelyn still has time for us before finding out what a sports editor can write about in a time where there are no sports.

At (14:57) we talk about NCAA seniors that lost out on their final seasons.

At (24:38) we talk about what could have been in the sports world, and at (28:49) we talk about cancelled races this spring.

At (34:28) Kelyn talks about his virtual workout.

At (38:36) we are back to wrap up the interview and then feed into the fear mongering.

At (47:11) we talk about supporting local businesses during these times.

At (50:20) Docs wants to find out how long our hosts will survive if society shuts down and at (52:00) Docs has a few more comments about how bored everyone is in isolation.

A pre-coronavirus photo from Atlanta in the much simpler days during the Olympic Marathon Trials


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