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  • Apr
  • 7
  • 2020

Episode 229 Wave 9 (Jheanel Walters)

Episode 229 Wave 9 (Jheanel Walters)

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After everyone dials the stress down a notch, the boys talk a bunch of nonsense because there is not anyone to reign them in.

Farley tells a story about how a local grocery store managed a positive covid test.

At (10:25) we are joined by Marine Corps Marathon PR coordinator Jheanel Walters. We start out asking the topical question, where is everyone working at Marine Corps.

At (12:03) Jheanel talks about how she got her start with MCM and her introduction to the running space.

At (15:05) we talk about their process responding to the virus outbreak, and how they continue to monitor and respond to the latest updates.

At (17:58) we talk about the running community response to race cancellations, how MCM has responded to not being able to hold large events, and we learn about some innovative nuisances to MCMs virtual races.

At (21:33) we transition to the marathon, talk about the lottery and discuss how they are planning through so much external uncertainty.

At (25:08) Farley wonders aloud if we will ever get back to normal (spoiler: we will).

At (28:58) we talk about other major races that have been moved as well as a few races that are planning to take place before the October MCM and we ask what changes the team anticipates implementing this fall due to covid.

At (31:06) we talk about the power of the running community and talk about how more people are running now than ever before. At (34:00) we talk about their events scheduled before MCM.

We are back at (38:57) to wrap up the interview and Docs offers a virtual race suggestion.

At (42:17) we talk about things that are happening in the world of running (broad enough) and other major sports.

At (46:10) Docs asks Farley to talk about some of the changes and innovations that Pacers has had to implement in order to adapt to the changing global climate.

At (1:02:35) we talk social media, announce our contest champion and discuss the Docs social media resurgence.

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