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  • May
  • 5
  • 2020

Episode 233 – Purple Stuff (Jonathan Gault)

Episode 233 – Purple Stuff (Jonathan Gault)

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Farley kicks off the show asking his co-hosts if they are over the isolation and they try to provide some perspective.

We are joined at (13:48) by LetsRun.com staff writer Jonathan Gault (@jgault13).

We start off talking about the LetsRun podcast and at (16:48) we talk about the upcoming 20th anniversary of LetsRun.

At (19:38) we talk about the 2020 US Olympic marathon trials and some signs that we should have realized that the world would change drastically.

At (22:33) we ask what LetsRun has been up to with major races under suspension and talk about the greatest American distance runner bracket.

At (24:40) Jonathan talks about some of the postponed spring races that he was looking forward to.

At (26:10) we speculate on the race performances once racing gets back on track, and talk about the concept of acting as if.

At (32:03) we talk about the high school athlete and at (35:08) we talk about the trials and Olympics being postponed.

At (38:46) we talk about the LetsRun community and the history of the site.

At (46:52) Farley attempts to explain ditching Docs in Atlanta.

We are back at (50:00) to wrap up the interview and Farley takes another swing at explaining why it was difficult to bring Docs out to the bar in Atlanta without apologizing (in real life at least thirty minutes had passed since we discussed it).

At (52:02) we start off with the bad, Docs tells us about his most recent car troubles, at (54:48) the worst with the 14th Street Pacers store getting robbed and then at (56:32) the worse than bad, the Farley family vehicle gets stolen.


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Unfortunately, early Saturday morning our shop on 14th Street was robbed. Although our stores are closed, limited staff go to the store daily to attend to our virtual shoe fittings and online shipping. We are thankful staff was not in the store at the time of the robbery. While our losses are not devastating, they are significant. We are in a position to file claims but as we all know any demands on cash, including insurance deductibles, sting right now. Disheartening? Yes. However, we will carry on. We appreciate all of you who have reached out including our friends in the small business community. Please send good thoughts to our team who are cleaning up and processing an unnerving couple of days. Also to the person(s) who stole a heavy, locked safe from a retailer during a pandemic: jokes on you. #ForEveryRun #KeepRunning #ShopLocal #TooSmallToFail #SmallBizDC

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At (1:03:06) we try to end on a positive note, Farley reads a medical journal that touts the positive effects of cardio exercise which reduces the risk of ARDS and at (1:05:30) we talk about the benefits of vitamin D.

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