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  • May
  • 12
  • 2020

Episode 234 – 5 Years (Chris Trebilcock)

Episode 234 – 5 Years (Chris Trebilcock)

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We open with some exiting Julie Culley news, Docs sees some airplanes and we celebrate our anniversary.

We are joined at (10:50) by ON tech rep lead of East Coast Chris Trebilcock (@christrebil).

At (12:40) we start off talking about the backstory on the ON brand and at (20:27) we talk about an incredible partnership between ON and Pacers donating 5000 pairs of ON shoes to front line employees.

At (32:45) we talk more about the company and Chris experiences at ON, including some Roger Federer stories.

We are back at (43:09) to wrap up the interview and discuss the 5000 shoe donation to front line employees a little more.

At (45:20) we talk about a pivot from Run Washington as the adapt to the current climate with their annual running rankings.

At (49:30) we indirectly challenge Mike Wardian to match Michael Ortiz in his quest to run a 100 weeks straight with a 100 mile race. More than a year into his quest, Ortiz has been forced to get creative with his ultra runs.

At (56:20) we talk about the One Love Foundation on the 10 year anniversary of UVA lacrosse player Yeardley Loves murder.

At (59:13) we discuss the murder of Ahmed Arbery, as video of his February murder was leaked to the internet this week.

At (1:04:26) we close out the show with a quick update on the missing Farley mini-van.

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