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  • May
  • 20
  • 2020

Episode 235 – Gift Cards (Greg Cass and Michael Basen)

Episode 235 – Gift Cards (Greg Cass and Michael Basen)

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We start of the show at (4:36), as the Farleys go camping with monsters.

We are joined at (9:45) by our guests from the Central Park Track Club, club president Greg Cass and club board member Michael Basen.

We start off talking about the Central Park Track Club before discussing the virtual race Connect the Corridor, a competitive venture to align the DC, NY and Boston running communities.

We ask the guys what life is like in NYC these days and discuss their own running.

At (45:03) we are back to wrap up the interview and find out that Docs has a lot to lose before (46:01) we discuss recent news of NCAA athletic cuts at Akron University, including their cross country team.

At (53:26) Farley wants to get Docs opinion on the Survivor finale and inquires about his application.

At (58:45) we wrap up the Docs heavy topics with a docs work story and at (1:02:30) Farley backs Docs in a corner and asks him to go to the way back machine and share something.

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