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  • Jun
  • 10
  • 2020

Episode 237 – Powdered Feet (Alison Desir)

Episode 237 – Powdered Feet (Alison Desir)

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It doesnt take long in the opening for Docs to be his usual Debbie Downer, but as we discuss current news Docs and Julie have hope.

At (11:00) we are joined by our guest Alison Desir, a political activist, endurance athlete, mental health advocate and founder of Harlem Run.


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@runnersworldmag – put us on the cover? Thank you @jacquelinealnes for this beautiful vision 🙏🏾 #Repost @jacquelinealnes ・・・ “The most followed space is Runner’s World. How many BIPOC people are graced on the cover of Runner’s World magazine? We might get a subtitle or a subheading, but how many times do we grace it?” -Alysia Montaño . . I listened to the incredibly powerful @keeptrackmedia podcast episode featuring @alisonmdesir last week (listen if you haven’t!!) and appreciated the time and energy that went into the conversation—there are so many resources and ideas for concrete action throughout. Alison and Alysia talked a lot about the importance of representation: whose voices are amplified? Who holds power in publishing, in directing races, in coaching and what are they doing with that power? What harmful narratives are perpetuated for us all when we see a string of thin, blond women for years and years and years on the cover of our sport’s magazine? . . As a way of meditating on their call to action, reflecting on what actions I need to take, and as a way of celebrating their work, I painted Alysia and Alison on the cover of @runnersworldmag this week. I am spending time learning more about the Global Womxn Run Collective (I wanna see Alison’s dream of a world marathon major equivalent run by women and BIPOC come true!) and donating to Alysia’s foundation @andmother_org today too. 👟 #minimotivationmonday

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We start off talking a little about New York and how having a ten month old has helped keep Alison present in the moment with everything going on.

At (14:30) we touch on current events, and then go back and talk about how she got her start in running and how it has integrated with social activism.

At (22:30) we ask Alison for advice on how to get Pacers to live For Every Run.

At (36:24) we talk about her article in Outside and then shift gears at (42:29) and ask if motherhood has influenced her activism.

At (44:20) we ask how we can move forward and then at (44:20) we circle back to her running.

We are back to wrap up the interview at (49:56) and offer some audio listening advice for Julie.

At (51:22) we talk about the world record jeans mile by Johnny Gregorek, the charity tie-in and weigh in on whether its a good bit, bad bit or a bit at all.

Then at (57:17) Docs wants to talk about some recent trail etiquette observations, surprisingly giving kudos, before at (1:01:41) we talk about the crazy incident on the capital crescent trail and how people on social media misidentified the aggressor.

We close out the show at (1:06:23) by admonishing Brown University for cutting its Mens Track program, and our story was clearly leaked because just before press time, Brown has reversed their decision most likely due to pending PTN pressure, however we will keep the segment in the show for future historians and people that want an extra fifteen minutes added onto their run.

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