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  • Jun
  • 18
  • 2020

Episode 238 – Forever in Blue Jeans (Johnny Gregorek)

Episode 238 – Forever in Blue Jeans (Johnny Gregorek)

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We start off the show paying attention to Docs which is how we should start every show.

At (9:26) we are joined by Asics Runner and World Record Holder in the Jeans Mile Johnny Gregorek.

We start off talking about his training over the last few months and whats coming up.

At (12:51) Johnny talks about his relationship with Asics, and then training with NYTC and his coaches, including some Gags stories.

At (16:50) Johnny talks about the charity component of his Blue Jean mile, the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI), and running the race in memory of his younger brother Patrick.

At (21:54) we ask about working with Levis and how he prepared for a Blue Jeans Mile.

At (26:06) we talk about the cool spikes that Asics made special for the event.

At (27:10) Johnny talks about the race. At (31:18) we ask Johnny to weigh in on running bits.

At (34:32) we ask about Johnnys current running cycle and how he has adapted to the Olympic postponement.

At (38:00) we talk about his running genes, pun very much intended, and then at (42:58) Farley puts his foot in his mouth and it does not get edited out and then Docs asks a couple of questions.

We are back at (51:14) to wrap up the interview and highlight Farleys faux pas.

At (52:50) we discuss an article that explained the IOCs position that athletes taking a knee during the Olympics will face a ban, at (54:55) Nascar bans the Confederate flag at their events and their social media response to a lesser known racer who retired over the rule and at (58:36) US Soccer reverses its policy on its athletes kneeling during the anthem.

At (1:04:45) this weeks rant from Docs. Docs, a FT Bragg native, finds it ridiculous that US Military installations are named after Confederate Generals on the premise that Confederate Generals were the enemy of the US Army.

We close out at (1:10:30) with an update on the Brown University decision to demote the Mens Track and Field Team.

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