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  • Jun
  • 25
  • 2020

Episode 239 – Sunday in German (Stephen Rutgers)

Episode 239 – Sunday in German (Stephen Rutgers)

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Farley opens up telling us how disheveled his life is right now, which is so so out of character.

At (9:45) we are joined by the director of sales and marketing at the Washington Blade, Stephen Rutgers (@stephenrutgers). Farley opens up explaining why he never confirmed the interview and then we talk about when Farley and Stephen met.

At (13:35) Stephen talks about running cross country at GW and his application to Rutgers University, and Stephen talks about his experience coming out in college.

At (18:09) he talks about running through injuries after college and how being forced to take time off may have lead to healthier running going forward.

At (20:50) we talk about his job at the Washington Blade, DC Pride week, the foundation and Farley learns about the freedom of the press.

At (26:23) the foundation helps Pacers with a tshirt and then we get back to the Blade Foundation and discuss the Washington Blade some more.

At (31:37) June is Pride Month, we talk about some of the Pride activities and ask Stephen how he feels about progress for the community.

At (39:53) we talk about Stephens new Great Dane, Alexis Rose.

We are back at (43:52) to wrap up the interview and Farley tells us his in studio indicator for a bad question.

At (44:52) PTN was mentioned on an NPR story and at (47:08) we talk about a list of father son duos that have each broken the 4 minute mile.

At (50:49) we talk about a 5k PR by former guest Keira D’Amato.

At (1:02:44) Docs recaps his Saturday Night out that was actually a Saturday Night in.

We close out at (1:08:50) talking about the London Marathon although Docs thinks we are talking about the Berlin Marathon.

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