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  • Jul
  • 9
  • 2020

Episode 241 – Important Time Travel Update (Jarad Schofer)

Episode 241 – Important Time Travel Update (Jarad Schofer)

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Friends, look how long we delayed Farley from getting to the agenda today. Its not a contest but if it was, we did really well this week. In addition to a delayed table setting, we open the show talking about the blue vs orange kishy fitness challenge and make a PTN social media announcement.

We are joined at (10:31) by our guest Jarad Schofer, a local runner who set out last fall to run every street and alley in Washington D.C.

We start off in familiar territory, discussing the correct pronunciation of our guests last name.

At (12:45) we jump right into the discussion about running all the streets in DC. At (32:25) we talk about Jarads media tour, including some interesting international coverage and Farley fires some shots of jealousy out of nowhere.

At (34:50) Jarad talks about the Vol State 500k, an interesting 10 day road race that he is training for and then a potential 2021 challenge.

We are back at (40:38) to wrap up the interview and lay down a challenge for Farley.

At (44:26) we talk about yet another NCAA team eliminating their mens cross country program, this week it is UConn.

At (52:10) Docs has an important update on time travel.


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