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  • Jul
  • 28
  • 2020

Episode 243 Little Caesar

Episode 243 Little Caesar

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Its just the hosts this week and we start off with an inaccurate history lesson and a quick transition into haircuts. You know, a running show.

At (8:58) we complain about the weather, and Farley schools us with some excellent scientific takes.

At (14:32) we talk about a couple of big local fall races that are officially going virtual.

At (19:10) we discuss the reduction in workforce by the New York Road Runners.

At (21:12) its the Army 10 miler and then (22:05) Farley tries to hit us over the head with another bad news story but the silver lining is that it’s not really bad news for us or our listeners.

At (24:55) we challenge Julie to rescue the show with an update on college and high school sports this fall.

At (36:34) we talk about some professional track races going on around the country and discuss the merits of an American record.

At (51:55) Farley gives Docs high marks on his social media game and at (56:29) Docs has some tv recommendations for people to watch as they are sitting at home being responsible and at (58:30) Docs has some Breaking Sports News about the Washington Football Team, which is old news but it is honestly broken to Farley on the show.

At (1:03:47) we get a long anticipated update on London the dog.

At (1:06:59) Farley pays tribute to Bob Wallace, his friend and mentor, who lost his fight with cancer last week.

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