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  • Aug
  • 26
  • 2020

Episode 247 – OG Bard (Addy Baird)

Episode 247 – OG Bard (Addy Baird)

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After we learn something about William Bard, and nothing about where Docs was last week, Docs has a suggestion for the Washington Team Football team.

At (9:47) we are joined by political reporter Addy Baird (@addysbaird). We open up getting the last name mispronunciation out of the way and discuss Addy’s running and a tough injury.

At (14:56) we talk about her BuzzFeed article where she reports a culture of toxity at SolidCore.

At (38:50) we find out why she is a die hard Mets fan and Julie pledges her allegiance to the Florida Marlins once again.

At (40:40) we are back to wrap up the interview and we find out if there is a connection between Addy Baird and Duke Baird.

At (43:48) Docs talks about how much he is enjoying the NHL return and wonders why all the other major sports have not returned to play, and we take a deep dive into the manufactured crowd noise.

Also PTN agrees to pivot into a new business.

At (51:08) we have breaking news that nobody could have possibly heard anywhere else.

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