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  • Sep
  • 9
  • 2020

Episode 248 – Fell in Love with Running through Pacers Races (Rheinhardt Harrison)

Episode 248 – Fell in Love with Running through Pacers Races (Rheinhardt Harrison)

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At 1:00 We let the audience know that Docs is not on the show.

At 3:00 we intro the show and the guest

At 8:00 we talk to Julie about the Runners World article she was profiled in

At 12:00 We welcome in Rheinhardt Harrison

At 14:00 Rheinhardt lets us know how his virtual learning is working for him

At 15:58 Rheinhardt tells us when the first race he ran was and tells us how he got into running as a youth

At 21:55 Rheinhardt takes us through middle school and the first couple years of running in HS in Florida

At 28:20 Rheinhardt takes us through his training and racing after Cornavirus hits.

At 29:50 We talk about training and doing workouts alone

At 32:00 we talk about the 3 races he did this summer

At 33:18 Rheinhardt talks about the great job Dave Milner did to put on the Music City race and the South Carolina Trackfest

At 35:10 Julie asks about the recruiting process after the summer races

At 36:00 we talk about what event might be his best

At 38:20 How were his emotions during this tough time

At 39:25 we ask him about coach Tom Schwartz

At 41:50 College is a priority for him

At 43:30 we talk about greats hes compared to the opportunity
to break 4 mins in the mile

At 45:30 We talk about the legend who reached out to Rheinhardt after the 4:01 mile

At 47:03 We talk about what he misses about the DC area

At 48:08 he lets us know how he feels about Pacers Running Races

At 49:55 Rheinhardt exits the show

51:05 We talk about how Covid has changed recruiting for HS athletes and timing of the XC and track seasons for college athletes

At 56:30 We talk about Jim Miller running a sub 3 hour marathon for the 6th decade in a row

At 1:00:20 we talk about a runner who was chased up a tree by a bear

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