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  • Sep
  • 15
  • 2020

Episode 249 – Unbirthdays (Andy Bacon)

Episode 249 – Unbirthdays (Andy Bacon)

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We start off talking about birthday etiquette because it just might be one of our hosts birthdays today (well not anymore, on the day we recorded), which naturally leads into an extended discussion about Kevin Bacon.

We are joined at (12:26) by EX2 Adventures owner Andy Bacon who tells us that he has heard the Kevin Bacon question before (which should not be shocking for a guy named Chris Farley but what can we say).

At (15:26) we ask about the history of EX2 and the journey that lead Andy to that position.

At (20:29) we talk about how 2020 changed things for their company and at (23:58) we asked how their customers responded to these forced changes and then discuss the unfortunate circumstances some of their vendors found themselves in.

At (28:23) we talk about the virtual races this spring and then the recent in person Rosaryville Half Marathon/10k, the safety measures that they had to put in place and the feedback response from the race participants.

At (42:30) we hear about their upcoming race schedule which includes two more in-person events.

We are back at (47:25) to wrap the interview and at (51:10) we announce the elimination of the Mens Track and Field programs at William and Mary.

At (52:37) former PTN guest John Kelly completes an amazing feat, a Grand Round Project and at (54:40) Ryan Hall runs his first ultra-marathon.

At (57:22) we have a couple of Arlington stories, the Arlington biker who mooned people on the Custis trail is finally apprehended, and then at (1:02:37) Docs takes us on a journey with the Bridges of Arlington County.

At (1:09:09) Docs takes us off agenda to tell a story about a recent run in Arlington County.

We close out at (1:17:38) with a couple of PTNish stories, a woman who runs with dogs ran every street in the Florida Keys and then we revisit the Bear story from last week for Docs.

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