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  • Sep
  • 22
  • 2020

Episode 250 – Ghosts (Mike Wardian)

Episode 250 – Ghosts (Mike Wardian)

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We start off asking Julie and Docs to guess how many miles our guest has raced during the Quarantine period, a little bit about the weather and then how we disappointed our fans with another time and location switch-a-roo.

At (12:31) we are joined by local ultra runner Mike Wardian (@mikewardian).

At (17:20) we ask Mike about being a vegetarian over the last 20 years.

At (21:20) we start the heavy raceload conversation finding out who won the PTN guessing game.

At (25:30) we talk about the Back Yard Ultra, at (39:14) the Delaware State Run and at (45:00) the Shenandoah National Park self supported ultra.

At (53:36) we talk dogs. At (1:01:35) we talk about one of Mikes sponsors Hoka.

We are back at (1:06:03) to wrap up the interview and weigh in on which of our guests 2020 challenges we think was toughest.

At (1:09:09) we start off a lot of Docs topics with an update on last weeks Bridges of Arlington County story.

At (1:11:50) Docs talks about the social media marketing of the Gritty 5k, which he seems to enjoy.

We close out at (1:17:28) with some more social media positivity with the Dave Grohl vs Nandi competition.

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