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  • Oct
  • 6
  • 2020

Episode 251 – YOLO (Kelly Calway)

Episode 251 – YOLO (Kelly Calway)

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We start off the show diagnosing the bandwagon abandoned at the end of Farleys street and Docs talks about how he dodged a bullet by not being invited to the presidential debate (and that was before he knew he really dodged a bullet).

At (16:36) we are joined by three time Olympic Trials qualifier and 2013 Marine Corps Marathon Champ Kelly Calway (@wikigazelle).


Kelly Calway raises her arms as the first female finisher. Calway finished in 2 hours 42 minutes 16 seconds. Toni L. Sandys/The Washington Post


We open up talking about her Northern Virginia ties, running 2 years at West Potomac High School, and her experience balancing collegiate running with ROTC at NC State.

At (23:06) Kelly talks about how she always wanted to run the marathon and how she did all the wrong things in her first race at that distance.

We then ask Kelly about her best marathon effort and her experience winning the 2013 Marine Corps Marathon as a member of the All Army team.

At (31:06) we learn about her craziest 2020 story, being seriously injured after getting hit by a large falling log on a trail.

We are back at (52:35) to wrap up the interview and issue a few corrections.

At (55:53) Farley talks about an emotional video about Eldersburg Rogue Runners Club Francis Moats, who was recently diagnosed with an aggressive and terminal brain cancer.

With the support from his friends at the running club, Moats completed the virtual Marine Corps marathon from a wheelchair.

At (57:52) we preview the London Marathon that already happened and at (1:01:35) Docs has another tale from the trail.

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