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  • Oct
  • 29
  • 2020

Episode 252 – After 8pm (Neal Lawson)

Episode 252 – After 8pm (Neal Lawson)

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0-5:00 We set up the show and talk about our guest, Neal Lawson

5:01- 9:57 We talk about working from home

At 10:20 we bring on Neal Lawson.

At 12:10 Neal takes us through the tragic event that took his wives life

At 13:00 Neal talks about how he and his late wife came up with the idea for the foundation

At 15:30 Neal talks about where all the money the foundation raises goes

At 19:05 we talk about what the Jennifer Bush-Lawson Foundation road race looks like for this year.

At 22:30 we talk about the DC Dancing With the Stars Gala

At 23:40 Neal talks how fundraising is going for the foundation.

At 27:00 We talk about why Neal decided to dance in the Dancing with the Stars event

At 28:40 we put Neal on the spot and talk about #Docs2021

At 30:00 Neal talks about Kelly who is the new Executive director for the foundation

At 31:00 Neal talks about his new venture “Two Plates”

At 36:00 Neal talks about his family life

At 40:00 We talk about both in person and virtual options for the JBLF races

At 44:02 We discuss the 2 social media phenomenons happening including a Mr. Brightside reference and the Ocean Spray challenge

At 53:00 we talk about the decision to cut the Minnesota Mens indoor track program

At 1:01:04 We announce that Pacers Running is opening in Georgetown in November

At 1:03:20 Docs gives us our latest rendition of “Tails from the Trails”

At 1:06:25 we close out the show

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