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  • Nov
  • 2
  • 2020

Episode 253 – Heroes – Erin Loos Cutraro, Pamela Bell, Jess Newton, Sarah Clark

Episode 253 – Heroes – Erin Loos Cutraro, Pamela Bell, Jess Newton, Sarah Clark

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At 2:00 – We set up the show.

At 3:42 – Kathy is tasked to come up with “witty banter” to start the show.

At 5:37 – Kathy tells us that she is a former “Girls Stater”.

At 7:45 – We set up the interview and the last time Kathy saw Jess and Sarah.

At 9:37 – We intro our 4 guests – Erin Loos Cutraro, Pamela Bell, Jess Newton, Sarah Clark

At 11:00 – We talk to Sarah and Jess about Empowerun.

At 12:27 – Erin tells us about She Should Run.

At 13:09 – We bring in Pamela to talk about Prinkshop.

At 14:08 – Pamela tells us how the collaboration with Saucony and She Should Run came about and more information about Prinkshop.

At 15:54 – Pamela talks about why She Should Run was a good fit for the Colab.

At 17:05 – Erin talks about women running for office.

At 19:57 – We talk about the possibility of Wendy Davis moment for Saucony.

At 20:45 – Sarah and Jess talk about how they were able to get this moved forward with Saucony.

At 24:00 – we talk about the Hero logo for the colab.

At 26:00 – we talk about the timing of the launch of the colab.

At 28:15 – How do you run for a political position?

At 31:38 – Erin talks about how many women are in elected offices.

At 33:00 – We ask the question if there are less barriers for women now to run for office.

At 34:47 – How do we get women to believe that “if you care, you are qualified”.

At 36:31 – Pamela comments on where we are as a society on some of the issues she is trying to push forward.

At 38:07 – We talk about the feedback from Saucony and others from the project.

At 39:27 – Erin and Pamela talk about their personal experience running/walking in the shoes.

At 40:56 – Jess talks about Saucony’s “Shop for a Cause”.

At 42:04 – We close out with our guests.

At 43:23 – We come back and quickly recap the conversation.

At 46:50 – We talk about Run Jam.

At 49:31 – We close out the show.

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