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  • Nov
  • 12
  • 2020

Episode 254 – Saving Track and XC (Matt Taylor)

Episode 254 – Saving Track and XC (Matt Taylor)

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At 1:00 Halloween is our topic of discussion

At 3:54 we talk about the in person race that Farley is going to run on Nov. 15th

At 7:00 we bring in Matt Taylor CEO and Founder of Tracksmith

At 9:05 Matt tells us about how Tracksmith was started and describes the brand

At 12:00 why is running so important to Matt and why Tracksmith is so focused

At 13:01 Matt talks about the Fellowship that he and Tracksmith have created.

At 17:55 We talk about what Matt and Tracksmith is doing for college Track and Cross Country programs.

At 22:05 Matt talks about Brown losing their Track and XC and how Russell Dinkins played a role in helping reverse that decision

At 24:20 Matt talks more about Russell Dinkins

At 27:05 How has Tracksmith been during Covid-19?

At 29:30 Matt talks about signing Nick Willis and Mary Cain

At 31:33 We speculate when some of the major marathons will be in 2021

At 32:45 we close the conversation with Matt

At 33:33 we come back and sum up the interview with Matt and talk about the Big East and ACC

At 36:12 We talk about the London Marathon.

At 41:00 We talk about all the marathons that will be happening next fall.

At 42:45 We talk about the University of Virginia hosting the NCAA championships in 2023

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