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Episode 255 – An Essential Race (Josh Merlis)

Episode 255 – An Essential Race (Josh Merlis)

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At 2:00 we talk about Chris going out to Albany and breaking 3 hours in the marathon to keep his streak alive.


At 8:55 we welcome Josh Merlis (@joshmerlis) to the show.


At 10:50 We talk to Josh about The Albany Running Exchange and the history of his company.

At 15:20 we talk about Josh’s own running

At 16:15 we talk about a number of the big events he has worked on all over the world.

At 20:00 we talk about how 2020 has been for Josh and the ARE team.

At 20:51 we talk about the Upstate Classic and how the idea came about.

At 23:27 we talk about the venue and the capability of the Altamont Fairgrounds

At 25:10 we talk about the permit process Josh had to go through.

At 28:00 we talk about the start of the race and precautions he made on the course.

At 33:45 Josh talks about nervousness leading up to the event

At 35:40 We talk about the response from the people who gave ARE the permission to put on the event.

At 36:37 Julie asks about the emotional side of the event

At 38:04 We read an email from a participate of the race

At 40:00 Josh shares his reaction to the email and talks more about what the race meant to many.

At 46:00 we come back from talking to Josh and sum up the interview

At 51:11 we talk Keira D’Amato going after the American Record in the women’s 10 miler (She got it)


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