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  • Mar
  • 7
  • 2016

Episode 44 – “Reggie Johnson”

Episode 44 – “Reggie Johnson”

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Local runner Heather Jeff joins us to talk about making her film Living with MS, featuring DC area athletes who are living with the disease.  She shares her story with us, how she uses running to maintain control of MS, running for Oiselle, her blogs and she brings snacks. Not to be outdone, our hosts enjoy many snacks provided by Asics! Farley draws a venn diagram, we dive into your tweets of the week, discuss announcing news on podcasts, catch up with our hosts running, our email goes international, sort of, our mailbox has another SASE, more marathons in the news, and another Clarendon Construction update.



0:00 – Introductions

4:47 – Asics gift Docs a sweet sweatshirt, and provide our hosts with tons of snacks

8:35 -Local runner Heather Jeff joins us to talk about making her movie “Living with MS”, which will play at the Arlington Cinema & Drafthouse on Sunday March 13 and features DC area athletes who are living with the disease.  She tells us about the early stages when she learned that she had the disease, what it means to her now and how she uses running to maintain control.  She also discusses her many blogs, running with Oiselle, and she brings snacks!

46:15 – Our hosts discuss the inspiring talented Pacers Employee Venn Diagram

49:15 – Tweets of the Week

King’s favorite guest, Brian Knight wants a happy hour in VA, Satya brings Happy Hour Gifts, Ben Franklin and Mark Twain look alike contest, lil’ pacer congrats, MLB trivia, has a listener already stolen @babypacer handle, babies and dogs

59:46 – Kdaddy response to the baby news inspires a podcast wedding announcement story Midpack thanking Asics for the snacks, top gun quotes, music props for Farley, docs has an embarrassing music failure admission, we ARE an oddly informative show, Bill Gates stealing our ideas again, running at the Reg back in the day, and this week’s Tweet of the Week comparing our miniature stickers to US currency.

1:11:16 – Pacers Advertisement of the week

1:11:43 – Catch up on our hosts running

1:13:21 – Our mailbag: An international flavored email and we go to the mailbox for another SASE

1:16:29 – Our Feb Happy Hour Recap

1:18:12 -Does Farley realize people listen to the show

1:18:54 – In the news, olympic trials tv ratings, new york city marathon lawsuits, and a documentary about an 89 year old ultra marathoner

1:24:52 – Clarendon Construction Update

1:27:17 – Close


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