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Episode 68 – No More Friends (Bob Kennedy) Episode 68

Episode 68 – No More Friends (Bob Kennedy)

Joanna finishes her puzzle, Docs returns from vacation, and Farley drops all of his friends. Then two time Olympian Bob Kennedy calls in to talk about his own Olympic experiences as a participant and as a spectator. Finally, PTN weighs in on the Ryan Lochte story that everyone wants to just go away.  

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Episode 67 – Stray Dogs Episode 67

Episode 67 – Stray Dogs

The hosts call in to vacation to discuss a variety of topics, including pumping your own gas, stray dogs running in china, running advice for four milers, the bus loops, more on the dog (of course), track races we are looking forward to at the Olympics, The Olympics, Olympic Swimming and Lilly King calling out […]

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Episode 66 – The Case of the Missing Duck Episode 66

Episode 66 – The Case of the Missing Duck

After a quick Luigi update, we investigate the important case of the Missing Giant Inflatable Duck. Olympian Kate Grace calls in to talk about the duck, the trials, Olympic Team processing, Olympic expectations and more. Then, Joanna kind of talks about her Olympic predictions, a former guest is now a former record holder and another […]

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Episode 65 – Leggo My Preggo Episode 65

Episode 65 – Leggo My Preggo

Farley introduces us to an interesting running bet. We are then joined by Olympian, two time guest and pregnant Julie Culley, who talks about running while pregnant, her plans after lil’pacer arrives, high school kids signing professional running contracts, and being one of the biggest fans of the show. We then talk about the Crystal […]

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Episode 64 – Counties, Cities and Townships (Centro Sr) Episode 64

Episode 64 – Counties, Cities and Townships (Centro Sr)

A deep dive into local geography before we talk about our own running. At the 20 minute mark, Matt Centrowitz Sr joins us to talk about his son Matthew Centrowitz Jr, the big race in Eugene and the bigger race in Rio, every thing in between and oh by the way Coach Matt Centrowitz is […]

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Episode 63 – Bored Member Episode 63

Episode 63 – Bored Member

The Great American Nautical Beer Mile recap, guest Brian Danza, DC Road Runners Board Member and Race Director talks about their races, flying, Italian, work vacations and more. We explain the Pokeman craze to Farley, plus, we recap the Big Event in Eugene.   “Tweets of the Three Weeks”

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Episode 62 – Suzy Favor Hamilton Episode 62

Episode 62 – Suzy Favor Hamilton

It’s hot outside and we talk about how we celebrated our nation’s independence. Three time Olympian and Nine Time NCAA champion Suzy Favor Hamilton joins the show to discuss her book Fast Girl, which she will be discussing at the Navy Yard Pacers Summer Runner Book Club on July 17. Suzy talks about the US […]

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Episode 61 – Strawberry Shampoo Episode 61

Episode 61 – Strawberry Shampoo

It’s July 4th and Olympic Trials week. Lake Braddock Track and Field Director Mike Mangan stops by the podcast to talk about his Northern Virginia track roots, reveals that he knows people Docs knows, talks about Chris McCandlass, what its like to coach a large track program at Lake Braddock, and tells us about the […]

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Episode 60 – Just Get A Time Machine Episode 60

Episode 60 – Just Get A Time Machine

Is Joanna here this week or not and Docs serves as Farley’s gamble proxy. Plus Jamie Watts, a runner with cerebral palsy and local running celebrity is in studio to tell us about her Washingtonian profile article and to promote her launch party slash birthday party, why she started running, how she discovered the DC […]

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Episode 59 – Exotic Meat Episode 59

Episode 59 – Exotic Meat

Docs is out of town. Joanna and Farley attempt the show without him. After a very average start to the program where they talk about the ugliest color on earth and Docs trash cans, they get to running talk. The Marine Corps Marathon is in the news. The packet pickup location may be less than […]

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