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Episode 21 Episode 21

Episode 21

joanna is lower case obsessed, PTN deemed bike expert and author of the Chasing Mailboxes Blog Mary Gersemalina joins us to answer a twitter question, Mike Smith, the Director of Track and Field and Cross Country at Georgetown University, joins the podcast to talk Georgetown, sushi in flag, and musical dreams.

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Episode 20 Episode 20

Episode 20

Someone will be featured on a short film, someone ran a weekday race, we pose a question of running etiquette, and we are joined by 2012 Olympian Julie Culley.

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Episode 19 Episode 19

Episode 19

We pay tribute to Chris Farley SR, tell dog stories, tweets and an update from the world of Oiselle.

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Episode 18 Episode 18

Episode 18

Farley has an encounter with a person of note on the way to the happy hour, and we recap our first ever Pace the Nation happy hour, have another taste test and apparently we are a music podcast now.

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Episode 17 Episode 17

Episode 17

Allan Ng joins the podcast to talk about the Shake Shack runs and fitness programs. A wedding discussion naturally leads into running habits that appear strange to non runners. Farley is blown away by the life time coffee consumption of his cohosts.

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Bonus Episode – All RunWashington Pep Rally Episode 0

Bonus Episode – All RunWashington Pep Rally

Pace the Nation broadcasts from TC Williams High School in Alexandria Virgina for the All Run Washington Pep Rally on August 16, 2015. We are joined by WSHS coach Chris Pellegrini, Miles Splits Brandon Miles, Richard Montgomery rising JR Rohann Asfaw, Patriot rising JR Rachel McArthur, Westfield Grad and UVA bound Johnny Pace and Chantilly […]

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Episode 16 Episode 16

Episode 16

PT Robert Gillanders joins the podcast to discuss his running history and injury prevention. We also discuss the Nick Simmonds issue with USATF Nike situation, the Kevin Hart 5k fun run, tweets and a special announcement.

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Episode 15 Episode 15

Episode 15

Heavy travel and special events cannot keep the show down, although to be fair it does delay the shows release. Charlie Ban and Joe Schultz join the crew for a live podcast at the Pacers 14th street grand opening

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Episode 14 Episode 14

Episode 14

After our first ever PSA, Chris Jetton calls in to talk about Pikes Peak Race and running in airports, Sandwich Todd checks in to update us on his training, we read tweets which prompts our second ever PSA, and then we shed a tear over our last ever Clarendon Construction Update.

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Episode 13 Episode 13

Episode 13

Pacers Running CEO Kathy Dalby brings snacks to the podcast.

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