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Episode 45 – “Better Late Than Never” Episode 45

Episode 45 – “Better Late Than Never”

Farley runs a half marathon, Mike Parks joins us in studio to talk about how he transformed his life through running and a healthy diet, we have your tweets, texts, in the news, clarendon construction, and a brief phone call with Docs.

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Episode 44 – “Reggie Johnson” Episode 44

Episode 44 – “Reggie Johnson”

Local runner Heather Jeff joins us to talk about making her film Living with MS, featuring DC area athletes who are living with the disease. ¬†She shares her story with us, how she uses running to maintain control of MS, running for Oiselle, her blogs and she brings snacks. Not to be outdone, our hosts […]

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Episode 43 – “Actual Running Talk” Episode 43

Episode 43 – “Actual Running Talk”

The Farley social media rules continue, we announce our new website, Farley tells stories about his trip to the New Balance Games in Boston, we play the Jenny Simpson newlywed game, we talk about where your training should be if you are doing a spring or fall race, we are joined in studio by Pacers […]

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Episode 42 Episode 42

Episode 42

We are joined in the studio by local runner and Olympic Trials Marathoner Kieran O’Connor and his family to discuss his unorthodox path to elite running, living with a runner, and what its like to have your first child days before the biggest race of his life. We also bring you the latest in the […]

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Episode 41 Episode 41

Episode 41

We are joined by Cupids Undie Run co-founder Bobby Gill to talk about his running, the race and the amazing charity associated with it. Farley has another doggie dilemma for our now very frequent dog segment, we get into your tweets, running in the news and a super bowl discussion.

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Episode 40 Episode 40

Episode 40

The Big Four Oh, we talk with Fox Morning News anchor Steve Chenevey about his running, covering the big storm, and positive peer pressure, then we hit up the twitter feed, show the news guy how you really do in the news, review music videos, and bid Docs farewell in his last PTN show.

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Episode 39 Episode 39

Episode 39

We talk running gadgets with the DC Rainmaker Ray Maker, read your tweets, and talk about the Blizzard of 16.

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Episode 38 Episode 38

Episode 38

Everybody is sick. If you like coughing, this is an episode for you. Pacers social media guru Steve Laico joins us in studio to talk about the fun runs, happy hour and running in the snow. We have our DC centric Olympic Marathon Trials preview with Dickson Mercer of Run Washington. Ryan Hall retires in […]

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Episode 37 Episode 37

Episode 37

After reviewing our new years resolutions, author Chris Lear joins us to talk about his running, writing Running with the Buffaloes and Sub 4:00. We have an in the news update, your tweets, and more.

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Episode 36 Episode 36

Episode 36

We are joined by Run Free – The True Story of Caballo Blanco film maker Sterling Noren and film promoter Gary Harrington. They talk about their feature length documentary about ultra running, featuring the late running legend Micah True, which will be showing at the Arlington Cinema Draft House on Feb 17. We have another […]

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