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Episode 38 Episode 38

Episode 38

Everybody is sick. If you like coughing, this is an episode for you. Pacers social media guru Steve Laico joins us in studio to talk about the fun runs, happy hour and running in the snow. We have our DC centric Olympic Marathon Trials preview with Dickson Mercer of Run Washington. Ryan Hall retires in […]

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Episode 37 Episode 37

Episode 37

After reviewing our new years resolutions, author Chris Lear joins us to talk about his running, writing Running with the Buffaloes and Sub 4:00. We have an in the news update, your tweets, and more.

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Episode 36 Episode 36

Episode 36

We are joined by Run Free – The True Story of Caballo Blanco film maker Sterling Noren and film promoter Gary Harrington. They talk about their feature length documentary about ultra running, featuring the late running legend Micah True, which will be showing at the Arlington Cinema Draft House on Feb 17. We have another […]

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Episode 35 Episode 35

Episode 35

We return from our holiday break to deliver the first episode of 2016, and we talk about everything except the topics we planned for. We talk our holidays, new years resolutions, tweets, in the news, and some random stuff.

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Episode 34 Episode 34

Episode 34

Preview of the the Happy Hour Recap, fitness trainer Lawrence Soto joins us to discuss strength training for runners and Baltimore Orioles jersey numbers, and then we read your tweets and tell all of the running stories in the news.

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Episode 33 Episode 33

Episode 33

How do you get your workout in, did you save a life on your morning run, joanna shares a home invasion story, farley is a sleep walker, docs knows random stories about the might mighty bosstones, and we are joined in the studio by Josh Blanchard, an area runner who has lost an astounding 70 […]

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Episode 32 – Lewis Kent, Beer Mile Champion Episode 32

Episode 32 – Lewis Kent, Beer Mile Champion

Beer Mile World Record Holder Lewis Kent joins the show to talk about the beer mile, his appearance on Ellen, Brooks, being Canadian and more. We also read your tweets, this week in running news and we talk about run streaking (nope, the boring kind). 0:00 – Intro 1:00 – A Fool’s Errand 6:55 – […]

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Episode 31 Episode 31

Episode 31

Its a Thanksgiving Special. Farley recaps his philly marathon, our hosts share their thankful lists, we talk cold weather running gear, training over the holidays, tweets and more. Happy Thanksgiving.

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Episode 30 Episode 30

Episode 30

Wow, what a big show. Joanna recaps her Richmond half marathon, we call nutritionist Samantha Attard, Farley has a dilemma, this week in the news, your tweets and Sandwich Todd makes his triumphant return to the show.

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Episode 29 Episode 29

Episode 29

Molly Huddle joins the podcast just after the one hour mark. Before that, we talk nonesense, preview Joanna’s half marathon, Farley describes the Asics limited edition MetaRun shoe, we read your tweets and Chris Jetton calls in to talk about his recent marathon.

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