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Episode 3 Episode 3

Episode 3

The trio reveals the community’s suggestions for the show title so far, the Run Washington Party reveals an interesting podcast secret, Farley takes a road trip, they discuss different approaches to distance runners training and they save the best for last, an update on the Clarendon Construction.      

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Episode 2 Episode 2

Episode 2

The trio talk about their favorite races, including the most recent George Washington Parkway Classic. Two years later, Joanna finally gets her shine for running all of the Pacers races in one season, we get an update on the Clarendon store construction and we use 1000 words to describe the spring collection model photos.

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Episode 1 – It All Starts Here Episode 1

Episode 1 – It All Starts Here

The first ever Pace the Nation, the trio talk about the podcast, immediately hate on the podcast title, recap the Boston marathon weekend and promise to get better over time.

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