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Episode 119 – Totality (Kate Fagan) Episode 119

Episode 119 – Totality (Kate Fagan)

Spoiler alert, Joanna is out of town so the boys naturally hold a book club in her absence. At (5:43) Kate Fagan (@katefagan3) of ESPN joins us to discuss her book What Made Maddy Run, where the conversation weaves around several topics including (7:45) what made her want to write the book and (15:53) social […]

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Episode 118 – Unemployed… In Greenland Episode 118

Episode 118 – Unemployed… In Greenland

We start off the show (5:53) discussing a recent Judge Judy transaction and take a deep dive into a recent court case that centered around a dog. Continuing the dog discussion, at (13:13) Farley crowbars a self proclaimed good deed dog story into the show. And if that is not enough dog talk, at (17:20) […]

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Episode 117 – New Jersey Connections (Darrell General) Episode 117

Episode 117 – New Jersey Connections (Darrell General)

Docs is on an extended vacation, so we have Senior Editor of Runwashington, Dickson Mercer (@dicksonmercer), in studio to guest host. Joanna helps Farley remember a “New Jersey” song. Farley and Dickson compare notes about their sons who are a week apart. We are joined in studio by 2 time Marine Corps Marathon champion Darrell […]

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Episode 116 – Gabe Grunewald Episode 116

Episode 116 – Gabe Grunewald

Joanna and Farley are in the studio sans Docs again. They talk about an adventure in Farleys parenting. Joanna shares are similar story that ends in her scaling a roof. The 2 hosts are joined on the phone by Gabe Grunewald (@gg_runs). She is a professional track runner in the middle distances who is battling […]

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Episode 115 – (Alan Webb) Episode 115

Episode 115 – (Alan Webb)

We sit down to chat with Alan Webb on the 10 year anniversary of his American Record in the Mile! Docs is out of town so Farley and Joanna lead the in studio discussion – except for the part where Docs applauds Strava and talks about his race in not quite Tahoe. Its hard to […]

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Episode 114 – Planez (Brian Danza) Episode 114

Episode 114 – Planez (Brian Danza)

We open the show with a deep dive into automobile oil changes. At (6:11) a SPRYNT car inspires us to make our travel app, do not steal our idea unless you are willing to pay reasonable royalties, in which case steal our idea and please send checks to the studio. At (10:35) we are joined […]

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Tweets on a Monday Episode

Tweets on a Monday

A Monday Tweets show (@pacethenation) from June and July 2017 in lieu of the regular big show this week.

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Episode 113 – New Missions for Science (Robbie Andrews) Episode 113

Episode 113 – New Missions for Science (Robbie Andrews)

In the intro we uncover a new mission for evil scientists, Joanna gets mugged by a mannequin, and Farley tries to manufacture drama. At (10:10) 2017 USATF 1500 champion Robbie Andrews (@RA_Andrews) calls in from Portland to talk about his upcoming race schedule and chasing the World qualifying time. At (16:03) Robbie describes his 2017 […]

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Episode 112 – It Passes The Time (simplyeves) Episode 112

Episode 112 – It Passes The Time (simplyeves)

We open the show with a quick Arlington Geography discussion. It would not be a summer PTN episode if we did not discuss the weather, and at (6:22) we talk running in the heat and what you can do to improve the experience. At (14:45) we are joined by our baking phenom guest Simply Eves […]

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Episode 111 – Moving to Oslo (Matt Long) Episode 111

Episode 111 – Moving to Oslo (Matt Long)

Big talk on Oslo and then we discuss the sound levels while Docs was out of town. At (7:26), We are joined by Matt Long (@mattslongrun), author of the Long Run, who tells us about an accident that nearly took his life and the journey to regain the life he had before and the role […]

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