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The Running Event Podcast

The Running Event Podcast

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First, a quick announcement to tell you what we are doing this week and how it impacts our podcast releases over the next week.



TRE Episode 1 – Mark Sullivan

Welcome to the Running Event Podcast featuring the hosts of Pace the Nation. In this first episode, we introduce the podcast team and we talk about adding supplemental content to the Running Event. Our first guest is the president of Formula 4 Media Mark Sullivan, who is hosting the Running Event. We talk about the event including the timeline, what to expect and what is new for this year. We also talk about the host city Austin and why it is a perfect fit for the Running Event. We close out with a discussion about why there should be optimism in the specialty running industry and Mark talks about securing our keynote speaker Walter Robb


TRE Episode 2 – Walter Robb

On Episode 2, we talk to Former Whole Foods CEO Walter Robb who will be the Key Note Speaker at the Running Event on Nov 28. As a preview to Walters talk at the Running Event, we touch on a few topics including starting his own small business, promoting healthier lifestyles, the importance of building a positive culture and anticipating changes in the current market place.


TRE Episode 3 – Meb Keflezighi

On Episode 3, we sit down and talk with running legend Meb Keflezighi about his panel at The Running Event, running in his 40s, retirement, some of his biggest races and of course ice cream and soccer.


TRE Episode 4 – Patrick Hitchins from Fit Rankings

After we talk about some of our recent personal hightlights at The Running Event, we bring in our fourth guest Patrick Hitchins from Fit Rankings. Pat talks about Fit Rankings, working with individual running communities, racing Lance Armstrong and more.


TRE Episode 5 – Daniel Greenhalgh from Skinny Raven

Our hosts recap their first brief visit to the expo floor, and then we are joined by new Skinny Raven store owner Daniel Greenhalgh. Dan talks about how his market differs from the running stores in the lower 48, some of the unique challenges running in Anchorage, his take on the Running Event so far, his views on the current economic downturn in Anchorage and more.


TRE Episode 6 – Emma Coburn

Our hosts talk about the podcast at the Running Event so far and then struggle to describe their breakfast. We are then joined by New Balance Athlete and reigning World Champion Emma Coburn. Emma talks about running for New Balance, Austin, her role here at the Running Event, winning a world championship, hair bands in Rio, getting married and more.



TRE Episode 7 – Golden Harper from Altra

Our hosts talk about the Expo floor and the running here at the Running Event. We are then joined by the founder of Altra Running, Golden Harper. We talk about what inspired him to start the company, how he got his start and what makes the brand different from other products on the market.


TRE Episode 8 – Olivier Bernhard from ON

We are joined by Olivier Bernhard from ON, who talks about Switzerland, why he wanted to start his own brand and how he made it happen, what makes their brand unique and partnering with the Running Event.


TRE Episode 9 – Keith Kelly of New Balance

We are joined by our final guest, Keith Kelly, the Global Marketing Director at New Balance, who talks about his job, a harrowing Thanksgiving incident, the beer selections in Austin, his transition from running to biking, the New York City and London Marathons, grass roots efforts, his dj past, break dancing, and somehow much much more.




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