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Basically The World’s Most Prestigious Race

The Great North American Naughtical Beer Mile is just that. It’s Great. It’s in North America. And it’s a wee bit naughty.

It’s where world-class beer drinkers come to gain glory while running purists are brought to their knees. It’s basically the best race across the Seven Seas with treasure awaiting those who dare to compete. Make it back to port? Finisher medal beer openers for all who keep their sea legs.

So come crack a few and while you’re at it, bring your friends to drink this race off your beer-bucket list. Individual and team relay (less running for each person!) races – all gender mixed for 2017 so pick your time and run with your buds while drinking Bud!  Two of the Solo races are noted as more mellow “We have no idea what we’re doing”.  And the competition runs all the way through a Competitive Men’s and a Competitive Women’s races to cap off the night! 21 and over.


Event Highlights


Team Relay + Individual Heats

Awesome Race Medal


And Beer. Duh.

Running + Beer.
What’s not to love?!