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Packet Pickup Details

Before a race we need to pass along a few items to you and it is tough to pull that off an hour before the event. Visiting us in advance will help us make sure you are all set for race day. It is a good chance for you to ask any questions you may have and pick up any gear you might need. We often have packet pickup sales and otherwise try to make it worth your while to make the trip.

Please note that the packet pickup location(s) vary from race to race. So, be sure to double check where you need to go!

Where & When

Pick up your bib at Pacers Clarendon (just minutes from Crystal City) anytime during normal business hours beginning March 23rd through April 24th.  Miss the heavy pre-race rush by picking up your bib early.

Or, bibs will be available on race site every week starting at 5:30 PM. Race Site packet pickup is located inside the mall at 2200 Crystal Drive entrance where Cold Stone and Sweet green are located.

If you are registered for more than one race in the series (or are considering running more than one in the series), please do NOT discard your bib.  You will use the same bib for multiple races.

Pacers Clarendon
3100 Clarendon Boulevard, Arlington, VA 22201

What to Expect

When you arrive at Pacers Clarendon, seek a staff member.

We use a dynamic bib assignment system which means all we need to know is your name and after confirming your registration, we will assign you a bib number on the spot. We won’t have to dig through a pile to find a pre-assigned bib. This definitely speeds things up.

You may pick up a race bag or bags for other people. No ID is required.

We cannot hold complete packets but after the race there will be opportunity to pick up your unclaimed series premium at Pacers Clarendon.

Included in Your Race Packet

Here’s the goods. Included in your race packet will be your race bib with attached timing tag and safety pins. Check back on when premiums will be available for series participants.

Be sure to save the provided clear bag as you will need it to check any personal items prior to the race at the bag check area.

And SERIES runners – be sure to save your race bib as you will use the same bib/number/timing tag for all of your races.




Register for a single event, multiple races, or all four Friday 5K events. Sign up for all four races in the series and save on each race and get this shirt for signing up for the entire series.

Shirts will be available at the third race.