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Summer Nights are Made for Racing!

Bypass the height of the heat and make your midsummer night’s race more fun than ever. Come out for the Crystal City Twilighter!

After all, summer nights are made for racing the streets with thousands of your closest running pals. You can even cool down with them at our post-race beer garden.

The Crystal City Twilighter is presented by Corona Premier

Constellation Brands, owner of Corona and other leading Mexican imports, saw a natural opportunity for the Corona brand to expand into the growing low carb light beer category. Corona Premier was born from the desire to deliver the refreshing taste and authentic Mexican escape of the Corona brand with fewer calories, lower carbs, and full alcohol to appeal to beer drinkers looking to make healthier choices.  It is no longer about “less,” it is about more.  It’s what you gain by making a better choice without sacrificing flavor or taste, not what you give up.

Run Club Throw Down

Who is the biggest, fastest, smartest and strongest of them all? Register your team today and compete to win the #rcthrowdown in July. 

This summer we are turning the Crystal City Twilighter team competition upside down. All teams will be competing in exciting new challenges as Run Club Throw Down teams.  And don’t worry, all teams are now Clubs!!! and automatically included in the fun.

All Twilighter teams will be considered Mixed-Coed so you’ll want to recruit  at least 5 team members in total, with a minimum of 2 male and 2 female runners to be eligible for the scoring awards.

We’ve set the competition identifying three Team Divisions and will award a winner in each: Racing Clubs and Teams, Community Run Clubs, and Pacers  Neighborhood Fun Run teams. Each overall division winner will receive a Run Club Throw Down plaque engraved with the team name and the year of victory. A revolving trophy, the plaques will be returned in 2018 to be passed on to the next Run Club Throw Down Champions.

Racing Clubs + Teams
They love to go fast. So fast. Faster than everyone. Clubs in this category include but are not limited to: DCRRC, GRC, CAR, NOVA, MCRRC

Community Run Clubs
They love hugs and living their mission. Team who fall in the community run club category include: RWB, November Project, The Flock, DC Run Collective, MRTT, BGR, etc

Pacers Neighborhood Fun Runs
Our Pacers Run Club groups run from all our neighborhood locations, are fit, fierce, and competing for all of the glory at #rcthrowdown. Who will be the winner from Pacers Clarendon, Navy Yard, 14th Street, Fairfax, Pentagon Row?

Besides winning the Run Club Throw Down your team will get:

  • A discount for teammates to save $5 off their registration up through June 30. Email [email protected] to get your unique team code
  • Personalized team meet-up signs
  • Run Club Throw Down heat decals to put on your favorite running gear

Throw Down!!! and may the best teams win! 

Truly it is anyone’s game. Connect with your group leader to find out your team name and other registration information.  Here’s how it works …

Within each Division, each team will be scored on the following four performances:  Biggest, Fastest, Smartest, and Strongest.

Make your presence known by bringing out the most participants and earning points in the process. Point will be awarded to the 5 largest teams in each division with 6 points going to largest and 5,4,3,2 going to the next four teams. PLUS the largest team across all divisions will earn 1 bonus point for a possible high score of 7.

Have friends that registered as individual but would like to run with your crew? Just send an email to [email protected] with a list of your runners’ names and we will get every set with the correct team.
Get your fastest runners out front on race night and show all of the DMV what you’ve got — Teams will earn points for speed based on the combined finish times of their 5 fastest qualifying runners. Each team must have five total finishers with at least two males and two females to score.

Points will be awarded to the 5 fastest teams in each division proportional to their place from 6, to 5,4,3,2.  PLUS the fastest one team across all divisions will earn 1 bonus point for a possible high score of 7.
Bring the team to the courtyard post race where we are hosting a 6-question round of Trivial Pursuit. Each team gets one game card and will work together to provide answers to the 6 trivia questions asked.  Each correct answer earns 1 point PLUS the possibility of 1 bonus point for clearing the entire card for a possible high score of 7.
Exciting Tiebreaker!!  If at the end of the evening there is a points tie between teams in a division, the social media game will break the deadlock. The team with the most pre-race social media hype using #rcthrowdown and tagging @runpacers will get the edge. We will know who has used their social media to their advantage on race day, so get working now!

Overall Champions
The team from each Division –Race, Community, and Pacers with the highest combined point value from each contest of Biggest, Fastest, Smartest, and Strongest, wins Run Club Throw Down. The Champions’ Plaques will be presented on race night and then personalized with the Club Team Names and delivered to the Captains.


Help Create the Twilighter Soundtrack

Our race DJ, Edward Daniels is creating a unique Twilighter music mix for you to enjoy both while training and on race night. Let Edward know the songs you want to hear on the Twilighter Race Mix and once he mixes them up you can download it and listen to it while you train for this race and upcoming ones too! Hear the tunes you want to hear race night. Start thinking of songs, we’ll have a submission link for them soon.

Light Up the Night Through the Vibrant Crystal City Streets…

Pick Your Premium!

Select from either Race Apparel (2017 example shown), $10 Pacers Store Retail Bucks, or a $5 Donation to Doorways for Women and Families.

And these freebies are included for everyone!


You’ll have a great time! Find your friends or view how much fun was had at last year’s race!