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Four Courts Four Miler

6:45 pm || Mar 10, 2017  ||  Four Courts Four Miler

Four Courts Four Miler Cold Weather Plan

Tomorrow’s forecast has expected temperatures expected in the mid 20’s for the start time. With that expectation, the following are among the steps being taken to ensure a safe race for those participating:

  1. Cancel the water stop. Participants are encouraged to bring their own hydration and bottled water will be at the finish and we will also have the pre-race water jugs available. With temperatures below freezing it’s just not safe to hand out cups of water that risk icy/slippery conditions on the street and icy water in the cups.
  2. Heat Sheets will be provided at the finish.
  3. Medic unit onsite
  4. Additional Crew assigned to Bag Drop to make it easier/quicker to retrieve your bags/coats/warm clothes.

Four Courts Four Miler

3:24 pm || Mar 15, 2016  ||  Four Courts Four Miler

2016 4 Miler Results Posted

Find the 2016 4 Miler results posted here.

Four Courts Four Miler

3:24 pm || Feb 12, 2016  ||  Four Courts Four Miler

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