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Don’t Monkey Around
(with our hearts)

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Special additional Love Run Categories
Wear your heart on your sleeve (or your chest)!  In the spirit of the holiday, all registrants will select one of three categories
Co-Dependent (registrant is in a relationship – or doesn’t want to reveal status)
Stupid Cupid (registrant is single)
Love ’em or Leave ’em (well . . it’s complicated)

and for Couples teams …
* Co-Dependent Category – Form a team with your honey!
* Stupid Cupid Category – Snub your nose at the holiday and form a two-(wo)men team with your pal, family member, or other singleton.
* Love ’em or Leave ’em Category – Not sure the status? Join your other confused friends and form a two-person squad.


Weather update: please see the update link above for the latest updates.

A fun course that runs through Pentagon City.

The USATF-certified course runs along Army Navy Drive with pre- and post-race activities at the Fashion Centre at Pentagon City, Matchbox, and Shake Shack!