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Course Description

This course, renown for lush scenery and gorgeous river views, takes runners down the GW Parkway and through the iconic brick buildings lining the streets of Alexandria.

The 10 mile race starts at Mount Vernon Estate, the home of George Washington, while the 5k race starts at Belle Haven Park, a marina tucked off the Potomac River. All runners will make their way to the exciting finish at beautiful Oronoco Bay Park in Old Town.

With the colors of spring in bloom as a backdrop, and scores of spectators cheering along the way, this course offers a one-of-a-kind experience and makes the Parkway Classic the perfect race to kick off your running season!

5k +76 ft / -64 ft           10 mile +257 ft / -363ft

Course Elevation Profiles

PAC-Parkway Classic Elevation Profiles_ Artboard 1


PAC-Parkway Classic Elevation Profiles-02



Start and Finish Line Details

The start line for the 10 mile race is at Mount Vernon Estates. The start line for the 5k race is by Belle Haven Park. The Finish Line for both races is near Oronoco Bay Park.

There will be a bag check station at each start line where attendants will collect your items and pack them on a truck to be transported to the finish line. Space blankets will be provided to keep you warm before the race start.

Port-a-potties for last minute rest stops will be available at the start, along the course, and at the finish.

Prior to the race, water will be available for filling water bottles and we will also offer coffee and lite fare. After the race, we will have further refreshments.

After the race, be sure to collect your finisher medal and then take in all the amenities of our Finish Festival. Visit the photo booth! Enter the Port City Brewing Company Beer Garden to redeem a complimentary beverage ticket (Must provide ID).

On Course Support

Certain things you can’t do without. We have made sure to provide all of the necessities.

Water will be available at the Start/Finish Line area as well as at stations at approximately every 2 miles. Stations 1 and 5 will provide water, stops 2, 3 and 4 will provide water and Gatorade.

Police officers and race staff will lead the race while more officers and our race crew will trail all competitors to monitor for any irregular situations that may arise and require attention. We will also have a sag bus manned by a nurse following the last runner. You must maintain a 15 minute pace to not be placed on SAG. You will also be asked to board if you fall behind our course time limits. If you feel like you cannot complete the event for any reason, please board the sag bus. If you board the sag bus, you may NOT get off the sag bus and continue on the course.

There will be a medical tent at the finish Line area and there will be medics available on course to care for injuries or anything that requires medical attention. If you need medical assistance, please flag one of the many officers located at each intersection of the course OR ask for assistance at any one of the water stations.

Lastly, we have will port-a-potties at the start/finish line areas as well as at water stations along the course.

We’re Looking Out For Your Safety

Lisa, our Race Director, makes no bones about it– making sure the race course is completely safe is our top priority. We have thought through all the details including providing cones, barriers, signage, and directionals so that the course is well marked and placing crew and volunteers so there’s help if you need it. We work closely with municipalities to ensure we have police and medical support always on hand. Our high standards ensure you can let loose and enjoy your run.