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2016 Race Passes: An Easy Way to Save

Our race pass packages let you save big when signing up for multiple races based on where or when you prefer to run. Simply register for a race pass prior to the start of the first race in the package– it couldn’t be easier!


Choose a pass to compete on courses that are close by!


PAC-Logistic Pass Icons-When

Choose a pass to compete in either the Spring or the Fall!

Our Races are Fun!

With great courses, team competitions, zany costumes, photo booths, post-race festivities, awesome swag, easy logistics, and plenty of other fun factors, there are lots of reasons to participate in a Pacers Running race!

Want to learn more about what you can expect from our award-winning events? Read on or check our our calendar of races. See you at the start line!

A Best Ever Race Experience

At each of our events, we strive to provide excitement at every turn and make it so all you have to do is show up to have a great time.

But, what are the components of a fun and memorable race? What should be expected?

We enable you to choose from different locations, race distances, and numerous dates on the race calendar to find the perfect event for you. Then we offer a smooth sign up process, ample communication, and couldn’t-be-easier packet pickup opportunities where, along with your bib and timing chip, you will receive a quality race t-shirt or other great gear. On course, we have covered all the details so you can fully enjoy the experience.  And, from the start of the race and carrying over well beyond when the last runner has crossed the line, the energetic and supportive crowd shares in your success.

Celebrate You.

Is it about testing your mettle? Performing your best amidst strong competition?

Or, do you line up at the start because you enjoy the race day atmosphere– the excited crowd and the scenery? Are you there to collect high fives from spectators?

You have been training for this– will you take on the challenge? Will you conquer a common goal with friends?

Our races are inclusive and open for all because that way, everyone can accomplish something great. Everyone wins.

We say, “may your winning streak never end.”


Need a Boost?

We offer personalized instruction to help get you ready for any race.

Connecting You to the Place You Shop

Our races reflect the neighborhoods our stores are in and bring you closer to our communities.

As you run the same streets as thousands of other participants you will be able to meet members of our staff and get to know many more friendly runners pounding the pavement along with you.

And, don’t be surprised to encounter those same people you see on course in our shops– if you like our races, there are plenty of great reasons to visit our retail locations.

Aside from offering social runs, classes, and other in-store events, it doesn’t hurt that we enable you to earn rewards points with every race you run that can be applied towards purchases and let you save big on the goods that help make running great.

Have a Question?

Our Race FAQ’s cover most common questions. Or, contact us and we would be happy to help.

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