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 Read through our policies below to find general details related to all of our races. For event-specific questions, visit the race’s webpage.



Pacers Events General Information and Policies


SUCCESSFUL ONLINE REGISTRATION: Successful registrations will receive a confirmation email to the provided email address and rosters of “Confirmed” registrants can be found by following the Find A Participant tab/link provided in the menu bar of each race’s registration form.   In addition, the RunSignUp profile system will display all upcoming races .  Be sure that you allow incoming messages from Pacers, and RunSignUp.

ON SITE RACE DAY REGISTRATION: Is specific to the race. Please be sure to confirm on the race main web pages for the race in which you are planning to participate.

CHARITIES/DONATIONS: Pacers Events supports a variety of local charities and community programs through direct donation opportunities to the designated charity or non-profit. Also, in lieu of a Tee or Retail Bucks, registrants can opt to apply $5 of their entry cost to the designated charity as their event Premium selection. Details by race can be found on the race main web page and in the online registration form.

MILITARY PERSONNEL CONSIDERATIONS: Pacers Running is pleased to offer direct Military and First Responder entry cost discounts to all races. Family or extended family is not included in these discounts. For all DC/VA races please use the code ServiceThankYou at checkout to receive $5 off your entry fee into any Pacers event. Please bring your military ID to packet pickup for confirmation.  For the New Jersey Marathon races please email [email protected] to receive a 10% entry discount to your event selection.  Thank you for your service.

DEFER OF ENTRY: Pacers Running events will offer the opportunity to Defer a race entry to the same event, one-next-following year for all events. The Defer opportunity incurs a fee payable in the current year and closes when the advance packet pick-up process begins. This process is managed directly by the deferring runner through each registrant’s RunSignUp profile.
The Defer Registration option can be found by logging on to RunSignup, navigating to your Profile > Upcoming Events > Manage Registration > Defer Registration On the Defer Registration page, you will see your Deferral Information and Total Payment. Please confirm that the information is correct: Registration number, name, and event. Make the required online credit payment and click on the “Confirm Deferral” button. An email notification showing details of the deferral is sent which can be applied to claim the next-year entry. Defer credentials also remain in the RSU profile for future reference.

SWITCH OF EVENT DISTANCE WITHIN THE RACE: Each Pacers race has enabled online Event Distance Transfers (Switches) up through the date the advance packet pick-up process begins or 4 weeks in advance for the NJM races. There are no refunds if switching from a more expensive to a less expensive event within the race. The Transfer Event option can be found by logging on to RunSignup, navigating to Profile > Upcoming Events > Manage Registration > Transfer Event. On the Transfer Event page, you will see your Event Transfer Information. Please confirm that the information is correct: Registration number, name, and current event.
Click on the Start Transfer button. You will see the standard registration process where you can select the new Event distance for your Transfer. Click Continue and if any payment is needed for an up-switch, make your online credit card payment for the entry cost and processing fees. * There are no Event Transfer-switch fees, just entry cost difference and any applicable processing fees. Once payment (if needed) is confirmed, you will receive a confirmation email for the new event. After the advance process is in place, please email [email protected] for event transfer instructions.

REFUND OF ENTRY: To keep costs at a minimum, refunds are not currently offered. An exception is available for transferred or deployed active military personnel.

EVENT to EVENT TRANSFERS: To keep entry costs as low as possible, Pacers Running events do not offer to transfer entries between other events in our series.

RUNNER to RUNNER TRANSFERS: Runner to Runner transfers are only offered for the Parkway Classic and New Jersey Marathon races up through 4 weeks in advance of race date of the current year.

TEAM COMPETITIONS: Each race main web page will describe if any team competitions are offered.

AGE LIMITS: Pacers Running defers to the best judgment of the parent/guardian as to the fitness level and experience regarding appropriate participation of younger runners. * The New Jersey Marathon full 26.2 mile distance event has an 18 year minimum age requirement.

AWD ATHLETES UTILIZING A GUIDE: Pacer Running is able to accommodate AWD runners requiring a Guide for successful participation and offers a one-for-one complimentary Guide entry for each AWD athlete. Please reach out to [email protected] providing the event name, and the names of the Athlete and the Guide to receive registration instructions.

TAX DEDUCTIONS: Pacers Events LLC is a for-profit corporation with receipt of tangible/non-tangible goods in exchange for registration fees (e.g. premium, safe closed and certified course, timing tag and scoring, post-race food, entertainment). Typically, only donations above the registration fees that are made directly to the charity are eligible for tax deductions. Please consult a tax professional for specific clarification.


ADVANCE BIB AND RACE MORNING PACKET PICKUP: Availability of Advance Bib Pickup and Race Morning Packet Pickup varies according to the race. Please refer to the race-specific web page for details.

PICK UP FOR FAMILY, FRIENDS, GROUPS: A runner may pick up a packet for someone else. Please insure that all runners involved know their packets are being collected as duplicates cannot be issued. For courtesy reasons we limit pick up to one plus five – your own packet plus 5 for family and friends. For GROUPS, the same limits apply, your own plus 5. For any other request/plan contact our customer service team at [email protected] to make advance accommodations.

PACKET AVAILABILITY FOR A RACE NOT RUN: For storage considerations, complete packets are not kept post-race. After the event, all remaining race premiums (t-shirts, etc.) will be taken to the Pacers Running store location serving as host for the race. These items are held for collection but we cannot guarantee sizes as noted below.

PREMIUMS (RETAIL BUCKS/SHIRTS, ETC.)- AVAILABILITY AND DISTRIBUTION: A pre-registrant is considered an individual who registers prior to premium ordering deadline, online registration closing, or prior to packet pick up – whichever comes first.
** Pre-Registered Participants — are offered the opportunity to select the event-specific premium item, a $10 Pacers Retail Bucks retail store certificate, or a $5 donation to the designated race charity and must select one when registering. If the premium is selected and it is a sized item, the registrant is held to collect the selected size offered and chosen in the registration process at packet pick-up or race morning. If Pacers is unable to provide the selected size, the $10 Pacers retail store certificate –Retail Bucks – will be offered. Pre-registrants who do not pick up their packets and premiums at packet pick-up or race morning are not offered the $10 retail certificate nor are guaranteed their premium size selection.
** Runners registering at packet pick-up — can select a $10 Retail Bucks certificate, a $5 charity donation, or a premium from the inventory available at that time.
** Runners registering on race morning (if available) — will pay full price for an entry and can select a $10 Retail Bucks certificate, a $5 charity donation, or wait until after the race to claim a premium from whatever inventory remains.
** After race start — there will be no longer be $10 Retail Bucks certificates distributed. All remaining premiums will be available for size exchange or distributed to race morning registrants who did not receive a retail certificate or premium prior to the race. Any remaining premiums post-race will be relocated for a limited time to the event host Pacers store and will be available for size exchange or pickup as available.

** RETAIL BUCKS as a premium can be combined for redemption in any Pacers retail store up to a $30 total value per transaction. Race Bucks have an expiration by season – check the back of the certificate to be sure to apply them prior to expiration.


PIT STOPS: Please refer to the race-specific web page for the course map and pit stop plan.

BAG CHECK: Items are left at your own risk; items not retrieved by the designated time are taken to the Pacers Running store location serving as event host for collection; items left after seven days will be donated to charity. Participants are required to use the clear bag provided at packet pickup for checking items.
PACING: Please be safe and aware of running abreast in any congested areas of the course. Unregistered runners and wheeled vehicles are not welcome on the course during the races. Visually impaired or other ASD special needs participants are encouraged to contact [email protected] in advance of an event to obtain a complimentary entry for their running guide.

BANDITS: Non-registered participants of all types are prohibited and will be ejected from the course and/or disqualified. Consideration for special accommodations for coaches or others can be obtained by contacting [email protected] at least four weeks prior to the event.

COURSE CHANGES: Pacers Running may alter a published course at any time and for any reason, including but not limited to road or trail construction, runner safety, municipality requirements, or other situations.
Pacers Running, as advised by the Police and Fire/EMS Departments, may cancel, shorten, or alter any event or course due to weather, other acts of God, terrorism, or for any other reasons within or not within the control of Pacers Running. In the case of event change, all entry fees are non-refundable and may not be deferred toward a future event. Pacers Running also reserves the right to change a race to an untimed “fun run” without advance notice.

Final decisions regarding conduct of races will be made within an hour to a half hour prior to the start of the race and will be announced over the race public address system and social media.

RUN CUT-OFF TIMES: Pacers Running is committed to providing opportunities for all people to participate in our events regardless of speed and do our best to obtain finish times for all timed participants. Course time limits are in place and enforced in order to adhere to municipality and permit requirements per the following guidelines based on gross race start gun time. Guidelines may change as required by weather, police availability, and other safety concerns and, while rare, can happen as late as prior to/during the event.
Please e-mail [email protected] prior to registration to inquire about consideration of any needed special circumstances. Please refer to the race-specific web page for any potential special circumstances regarding cut-off times.

RACE DISTANCE COURSE TIME CUT-OFF is roughly based on a 15 minute per mile pace.
Course Cut-off From Gun Time:
5K – 3.1 Miles 00:46:30
4 Miles 01:00:00
10K – 6.2 Miles 01:33:00
15K – 02:19:30
10 Miles –02:30:00

IPODS/HEADPHONES/EARBUDS: A participant who chooses to wear headphones while running assumes full responsibility for their use. Runners must be able to hear all instructions and directions given by race course personnel and be aware of their surroundings at all times.

STROLLERS: Pacers Running believes a fit family is a happy family and allows strollers on the race course if the course and/or municipality allow it. Safety requirements include that strollers must start in the back, may not weave through packs of runners, and must always yield the right of way to other runners. For registration for stroller youngsters the guideline is that if they will remain in the stroller for 100% of the duration of the ‘race’ then no registration or bib number is required for them. If you anticipate that at any point that they might be moving on the course out of the stroller under their own power, then they do need to register (waiver etc …) They also need a registration if you’d want them to be eligible for any race gift/finisher items (depending on the race).

PETS: Dogs on 5 foot, non-retractable leashes are permitted at the Pacers races (except the NJ Marathon Sunday events). Dogs must be friendly, be up to date with shots, and have no history of fighting or biting. Pet owners take full responsibility for the behavior of their pet, must start towards the back, may not weave through packs of runners, must yield the right of way to other runners and must clean up after their pet.

PHOTO POLICY: By registering for Pacers Running events, participants agree to the use of their name and photograph in broadcasts, newspapers, brochures, and other media without compensation. Any photos made available for download by Pacers Running are the property of Pacers Running through a license agreement and may not be used for non-personal use without the express written consent of Pacers Running and our photographers.


CATEGORY AWARDS AND PRIZE PURSES: Race-specific web pages will provide details on prize purses that may be offered at select events.

AWARDS CEREMONY: Official award ceremony times will vary based on the depth and speed of the field and the number of awards. Most award ceremonies will occur within one hour fifteen minutes of the first finisher of the race. Please listen for on-site announcements for ceremony times.

OFFICIAL RESULTS: Results are not final until certified by the Timing Director which is typically one week post-race. Preliminary and Official results will be linked from the Pacers Running event-specific web page and on the main events Results tab.

UNCLAIMED AGE GROUP AWARDS: If an Age Group award is not collected on site, winners may go to the Pacers Running store location serving as host for the event to claim an award within a limited time frame of four weeks. We regret that age group awards cannot be mailed.

OVERALL WINNER CASH AWARDS DISTRIBUTION: For the specific events for which cash purses may be awarded, they will be mailed post-race to the address provided during registration.

DUPLICATION OF PRIZES: No duplicate prizes will be offered with the exception of the Double and Triple Challenge winners (may also win overall and/or age group in their respective events). In the case of a runner earning more than one award, the highest ranking prize will be awarded to the runner (e.g. overall prize trumps age group award).

GUN VS. NET TIME: Overall race winners will be awarded by gun time; all other divisions, including challenge awards and age group awards, are awarded by net time.

AWARD ELIGIBILITY: Youth, high school, collegiate, and/or other amateur athletes are responsible for being aware of eligibility rules as it relates to awards. The athlete is responsible for notifying Pacers Running if some award needs to be awarded as substitute, in which case awards will not roll up. Specific eligibility questions need to be referred to the appropriate coach, athletic director, or governing body. Pacers Running accepts no responsibility for eligibility violations.
RUNWASHINGTON RUNNER RANKINGS: Pacers Running is proud to have all of our races included in the prestigious RunWashington Runner Rankings. Final results information will be automatically transferred to RunWashington when officially final.


ELITE RUNNER PROGRAM PARAMETERS: Pacers Running is proud to support local, regional, and national elite runners through complimentary event entries. To be eligible for complimentary entry you must understand and adhere to the following:
** Provide a qualifying time from the past twelve (12) months (time standards below);
** Provide any required information, such as W-9 and/or citizenship information as requested;
** Follow the protocol outlined below.
You must register online and provide all required information, including complimentary code(s). If you register without a complimentary code we will not refund your paid registration. You must request registration prior to the online registration closure of an event. UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCE will a complimentary entry be provided to an athlete during a packet pick up or on race day. Please note that if an event is sold out we will not be able to offer a complimentary entry nor add you to the roster after online pre-registration closes. Receiving a complimentary entry code is not a guarantee of a spot in a Pacers Running event once pre-registration has closed.
Complimentary registrations are a privilege, not a right, and may be rejected for any reason including: capacity, budget restrictions, or by decision of the Registrar or Race Director.
Any complimentary elite registrant found to be selling, transferring, banditing, or otherwise not running under their assigned bib will be disqualified for a period of no less than one (1) year from all Pacers Running events.

ELITE ATHLETE REGISTRATION PROCESS: In order to obtain your complimentary registration, please adhere to the following protocol:
1. Submit an email to [email protected] prior to the closing of online registration with the following information:
a. Your name
b. The race for which you wish to register
c. Provide a qualifying time from the past twelve (12) months (time standards below).
2. Tara will review your submitted qualifications and, at her discretion, issue you a complimentary code for online pre-registration. You are not permitted to share the code; any athlete doing so will be disqualified from all Pacers Running events for a minimum of one (1) year.
3. If prior to race day you become injured or cannot run for any reason, please email Tara to advise Pacers Running that you are withdrawing from the event so that the spot can be opened up for another elite runner.

ELITE COMP RUNNER TIME STANDARDS: Pacers Running reserves the right to change these time standards at any time.
Male — 5K: 15:45, Four Mile: 20:30, 8K: 26:00, 10K: 32:00, 10 Mile: 53:00
Female — 5K: 18:30, Four Mile: 24:00, 8K: 28:30, 10K: 37:30, 10 Mile: 62:30

Weather Considerations


Pacers Running events are held rain, snow, sleet, heat, or shine– there are not “rain” dates for races. In conjunction with the municipalities, Pacers Running reserves the right to delay an event start for any reason, including weather.

Typically events will be delayed up to 30 minutes prior to start if there is lightning.

The EAS is a color-coded classification that broadcasts the risk level of course conditions leading up to and on race day.

The levels range from low (green) to moderate (yellow) to high (red) to extreme (black) based on a variety of factors. (See chart below for further explanation.)
This system is mainly used to reflect weather conditions but can also be used to alert runners and volunteers of any possible race concern that may occur.

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