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Prizes Galore!

To celebrate the challenge, we are giving away 13 Run the District prizes – 10 prizes and three grand prizes-  all made up of goodies from our favorite DC businesses and running brands.

Run the Challenge

To be eligible for our FREE challenge, you must register for our FitRankings challenge and track your runs in the challenge and on the FitRankings platform. To be considered a participant, run or walk five runs (distance or speed doesn’t matter) any where at least five times between October 17 and October 31. You can pre-register with FitRankings; the system will post your points for activity that occurs during the challenge dates.

It’s past October 17. Did I miss the deadline to participate?

Nope! You can sign up at anytime throughout the challenge – just complete five run or walking activities between now and October 31!

I don’t always (or ever) run in the District.

That’s cool – we love our friends even those who don’t hail from the 51st state. Run where ever your feet desire – every run or walk during the challenge period counts in our books.


Follow us on Instagram to see what prizes we add but win goodies and gift certificates from Sugar Shack, District Taco, Shake Shack, Kra, Port City, Whole Foods, Pacers Running as well as grand prize gifts from Hoka, Feetures! and more.

How Do I Win?

Three special grand prizes worth over $250 each will be awarded to the best social post, one lucky random participant, and the overachiever who logs the most miles during the challenge. The remaining 10 will be randomly selected from any participant who logs the required run sessions (five or more during the period).

I’m Great at social media.

To compete in our social media challenge, post a photo of you running your favorite District spot on Instagram using hashtags #ForEveryRun and #RunTheDistrict between October 17-October 31.

Darn I didn’t win.

That’s ok! We will send you a special consolation prize for everyone who finishes their five runs.