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Story 0001: Kyle

About Story 0001: Kyle

How did I know that we needed to tell Kyle’s story?  To be honest, the entire process happened extremely organically.

Kyle had just gotten back to Arlington after completing the Western States 100 Mile Endurance Run in the Nevada Mountains of California.  He stopped in the shop to show off his shiny belt buckle that you get after completing the race and was telling us some amazing stories about his experience.  I was intrigued and loved listening to every detail he could recall.

I enjoyed listening to Kyle’s stories about Western States and I was sure other people would too.  Within the next couple days Pace the Nation (the Pacers Podcast) was looking for their next guest and so naturally I suggested they contact Kyle, who was thrilled to be on the podcast!

On the day he came in to record he was waiting in the office with Heather and myself before they called him back for the podcast.  I kept begging him to tell Heather some of the funny stories he had told me a few days before about the race and we were all laughing and having a good time.  That’s when things took a turn Heather and I were not expecting. That’s when Kyle dropped something heavy on us. He told us how he got into ultra running as an outlet after he had attempted suicide a few years ago. He told us he wanted to share that story one day to start a conversation that would help end the stigma behind mental health.  This episode of the podcast wasn’t that place, but he eventually wanted to break the silence that surrounds depression and mental health so heavily.

As I stood in the office in complete shock after Kyle, one of the most energetic and fun people I have ever met, just told me about his journey with depression and running Heather and I knew we wanted to find a way to give him that platform to speak out if it was something he seriously wanted to do.

We presented the idea of telling Kyle’s story and I was shocked to hear so many people agree that this wasn’t something we could just stay quiet about.

We hired Braiden, a videographer for her company Lady Mountain Films in West Virginia, and although I hardly knew her, I trusted her ability and the amazing talent she has for telling stories through film.  We had so much fun with her as we filmed for hours and hours in multiple locations throughout a single day. She brought the best attitude and was up for anything from riding a bike alongside Kyle as he ran to making a few location changes at the spur of the moment.

I am extremely excited to share this short film with you because depression, anxiety, and mental health are all relatable to so many runners.  I was given the amazing opportunity to help Kyle tell his story in a way that has the potential to reach a lot of people through a sharable short film.  Story 0001 is about Kyle specifically but it also tells the story of our teammates, our weekend running buddies, our customers, our family, our best friends, and also us.

Runners run for so many unique reasons.  I’m excited to share Kyle’s story and his bravery with you so that you know you aren’t alone and so that we can start a conversation to end the stigma behind mental health.

If you have a story you want to share we would love to hear it!  #ForEveryRun #endthestigma



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